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Macau Legislators Pass Bill To Enforce Smoking Lounges In VIP Gaming Places

Macau's Legislative Assembly has accredited an amendment bill that will even more tighten laws surrounding smoking on casino floors. Beneath the new law, VIP gamblers will no longer be permitted to smoke on the gaming floors.
So far Macau's casinos had banned smoking on mass market place gambling floors but VIP gamblers had been allowed to smoke in gaming areas devoted for them. However with this new amendment, casinos will want to carve out a separate location for smokers.
The newly-modified Regime on Tobacco Prevention and Handle will come into force on January one, 2018. Macau casinos will be provided a year's time to generate smoking lounges that are not a component of the VIP gaming area. All the lounges in the casino which includes the ones on the mass market place floors will want to comply with enhanced technical requirements . please click the following article The new technical specifications are anticipated to be released shortly by means of an executive purchase.
The amendment was passed after a second reading in the legislative assembly and a vigorous debate. Several lawmakers are opposed to any type of smoking within the casinos. Ng Kuok Cheonga, a vocal opponent of allowing smoking within the casino stated that the amendment was a policy U-flip and a regressive move.
Calling the smoking lounges toxic chambers, he pointed out that the chemical residues from smoking persisted in the vicinity. He is recommending that the casino operators create outside smoking lounges. An additional legislator , Au Kam San, mentioned that this might not be the last of the legislation regarding smoking in casinos and stated that the bill may be revisited.
In a statement Au Kam San stated,
The government said this revised bill is a phase forward, which indicates there will be more moves in the approaching years… With a lot more modifications of regulation in the potential, gaming operators will have to alter their facilities… and that calls for monetary investment
Two legislators Zheng Anting and Angela Leong On Kei who are also executives belonging to the gaming industry stated that the government was ignoring the needs of casino workers by not allowing the installation of smoking lounges in their resting areas.
Leong who is an executive director with SJM Holdings Ltd also highlighted that smaller satellite casinos that are operated by third-get together vendors under licenses of the six key casino operators might not have the funds required to set up the services in accordance to the specified technical requirements. She asked that they be given further time and assistance. Brokerage JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Ltd had stated in a March report that the influence of the smoking ban will have a minimal influence on gaming revenue.
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